RULE(RULE ID:713803)

Rule General Information
Release Date: 2019-11-29
Rule Name: LibreOffice Macro Python Code Execution Vulnerability (CVE-2019-9851)
Rule Protection Details
Description: LibreOffice is typically bundled with LibreLogo, a programmable turtle vector graphics script, which can execute arbitrary python commands contained with the document it is launched from. Protection was added, to address CVE-2019-9848, to block calling LibreLogo from document event script handers, e.g. mouse over. However LibreOffice also has a separate feature where documents can specify that pre-installed scripts can be executed on various global script events such as document-open, etc. In the fixed versions, global script event handlers are validated equivalently to document script event handlers. This issue affects: Document Foundation LibreOffice versions prior to 6.2.6.
Impact: An attacker can execute arbitrary code via a successful exploit in the context of the vulnerable software.
Affected OS: Windows, Others
The vendors have released upgrade patches to fix vulnerabilities, please visit: